Musicianship on full display this past weekend


Instrumentalists qualifying for state. Top Row: Alex Clutinger, Alasdair Curts, Mauro Manzano. Bottom Row: Alex Ruelas Luz, David Strayhorn, James Strayhorn.

It was another successful weekend for the Speedway Music Department.

Nine instrumental performances earned Group One Gold Ratings at the ISSMA District music contest allowing these musicians an invitation to the ISSMA State music contest later this month.

Alex Ruelas Luz (clarinet), David Strayhorn (trumpet, flugelhorn), Yosmar Flores Vasquez (snare drum, marimba), James Strayhorn (tuba), Alex Clutinger (tenor sax), Alasdair Curts (tenor sax), and Mauro Manzano (multiple percussion) met the GOLD level standard for Group One.

The ISSMA State competition for vocal and piano takes place February 18 at Perry Meridian and on February 25, the ISSMA State competition for instrumental music takes place at North Central.

Yosmar Flores Vasquez entered the IMEA Composition Contest and was one of four students who earned a Gold rating for his original composition.