Super Speedway Students of the Quarter


All students learn differently and life isn’t without its challenges. For Speedway senior Jonathan Edmond, his learning road has been filled with all sorts of obstacles. But entering his senior year, Edmond has forged a path and he has started to figure things out. The result is a series of successful experiences recognized by many in the
Speedway community.

“I am impressed with the level of maturity and work ethic he has demonstrated,” said Jon’s school counselor, Misty Davenport. “Jon has dedicated himself to his education throughout the first semester and has reached a great level of academic
success. Jon is applying to colleges and looking forward to the future.”

Director of Student Services Trenton Borom has also noticed Jon’s hard work.

“Jonathan Edmond epitomizes the spirit of the Student of the Quarter award at Speedway,” noted Borom. “This young man has grown in a multitude of ways and has worked extremely hard to improve from his freshman year to the 1st quarter of his
senior year. As a freshman, Jonathan had to adjust to the rigors of high school. Yet, through growth and maturity, Jonathan has become much more focused, dedicated, and consistent.”

Freshman Lucas DeVault has just entered the second semester of his high school career at Speedway. Lucas was nominated as a Speedway Student of the Quarter by Honors Prep Biology teacher Adam Hoersten.

“Lucas comes every morning to 1st period PreAP Biology with a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn,” said Hoersten. “He has consistently maintained around a 100% in my class, which is only possible through exceptional grit, study skills, and above average curiosity in the subject of Biology.

“His professionalism, leadership, and determination make him a great representative of Speedway HS, and I look forward to seeing him grow here and hopefully take a lot more science,” added Hoersten.

More than 200 students meet with strength and conditioning teacher Brady Nyland on any given day. During the last academic quarter, senior Tamina Gibson stood apart from her classmates according to Nyland.

“Tamina Gibson does a great job leading by example everyday while in class,” said Nyland. “Her hard work and dedication to her own athletic performance pushes individuals around her to strive for more everyday. She pushes herself very hard
physically and does everything anyone could ask for.”

Courtney Wilkerson is the director of the Functional Academics program at Speedway. She is in the final semester of working with LaMarius Gordon and she couldn’t be more proud of his progress.

“I have seen such tremendous growth since his freshman year,” reflected Wilkerson. “Over the last four years, Lamarius has emerged as the emotional regulator in our classroom. He always has the pulse of the room and the people, doing his best to
make us feel cared for.

“As a senior, he has taken responsibility for the school wide recycling program, corresponding with all staff and creating a master schedule,” noted Wilkerson. “The main focus of the vocational program for the FA class is Sparkys Pantry, a food pantry designed to serve school families in need. Lamarius takes great pride in packing the boxes as well as interacting with the families. All of these things have worked together to make Lamarius an amazing candidate for a wonderful postsecondary opportunity through Project SEARCH.”

“As much as I will miss seeing his face every day, knowing that Lamarius is out in the world sharing his infectious smile and personality with others brings me unspeakable joy.”