Beauty and the Beast is all about entertainment


For my first time at Beef and Boards, I will say I had a really amazing time. From the food to the generous staff, everything exceeded my expectations. 

I’ve been to a couple of live plays and musicals and this was by far my favorite. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney princess growing up so watching it live brought back many childhood memories and feelings. 

I didn’t have any information about the musical before I came, so when I came in to see a black Belle I was overjoyed. As a half black young woman it made me so excited to see the community continuing to be celebrated and rewarded. 

Jameelah Leaundra, who played Belle in the musical, did an excellent job filling the shoes. She really outdid herself. The acting, to the voice, to her enthusiasm and interaction with the crowd. The little girls sitting around me went crazy when she first came out singing. 

The casting couldn’t have been better. Jon McHatton, who played Gaston, couldn’t have been a better Gaston. From the look, to the voice, I could not have pictured a better performer to play Gaston. 

The service was amazing. I never went without hot coffee and cold water. Everyone welcomed me with a smile and wonderful service. 

Although everything was delightful, it saddens me to say that the roast beef did not meet my expectations for a place that has beef in their name. The other food was amazing. For chicken fingers and mac and cheese, it was very delicious. 

Throughout my whole experience, I have nothing but good things to say about Beef and Boards and would definitely recommend the place to anyone of any age.